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Heath = Wealth

Health is wealth! Forget the money, the houses, the cars, the investments, the savings and the debts

Without health – you have nothing.

All the money in the world won’t make a difference in your life, if you don’t have the health to enjoy it.

Like other forms of wealth, one person’s idea of health might not be the same as another person’s or mine. 

Women’s health needs are significantly different to men’s health needs.

So – importantly what’s your idea of health?

How fit and healthy do you feel?

What can you do to improve your health?

dictionary definition of success

A dictionary definition of health :

“The condition of being sound in body, mind or spirit.”

The World Health Organisation (WHO) go further:

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

What do you think?

Is health Wealth? Or is it just defined by the absence of illness?

Maybe it’s more about your overall well being – physical, mental, social and spiritual?

But don’t forget sexual health!

Feeling good?

Do you agree that health is wealth?

Or does it come as an afterthought if wealth is all about Wealth Creation in a monetary and materalistic sense?

health is wealth physical health

Physical Health – 5 Essentials

Our bodies are made up of bones and organs, that allow us to breathe and live.

Our bodies are just flesh and bones. And we will all die at some point in time.

The global pandemic which has gripped the world since 2020 brings an awareness of the fragility of life, that we may not have fully appreciated before.

But besides fear – the pandemic can propel us into paying closer attention to our physical well-being (as well as our mental and spiritual well-being).

WE CAN focus on HEALTH

And specific to physical health we can:


This means raising our heart rate, so that our bodies get sweating.

Whether that’s a fast paced walk for an hour or so, jogging, running, playing tennis or doing circuits indoors; we must exercise to strengthen our cardiovascular systems.

Maintain a healthy Body Weight

Are you maintaining a healthy weight?

You know if you’re too heavy.

You feel it in your waistline.

You feel it in your breath.

Take action and ensure you keep a healthy weight. A healthy weight means you feel ready for anything and that’s a good feeling to have.


Sleep is crucial to physical health. Getting enough sleep means we feel energetic and refreshed. Physical exercise on a regular basis ensures we sleep better.

Eating well

We need to eat!

What we eat plays a significant part in our physical health.

The purpose of food is to give us energy.

If you eat you must use the energy that the food you have eaten, has given you.

Eat whole foods that retain vitamins and nutrients. Eating nutritiously will make you feel good and provide the essential energy you need to feel physically healthy.

Fresh Air

Increasingly environmental pollution impacts our physical well-being. We need good quality air with high oxygen content.

This means getting out (everyday) to enjoy fresh air. If the air quality is poor where you live – make the effort to find some fresh air (and don’t forget the air indoors).

Our physical well being is crucial to our overall health. Push yourself further, sweat some more and breath better.

Make your number one objective to  improve your physical well being.


health is wealth

Mental Health – 5 Essentials



Train your brain to be optimistic.

If you’re not optimistic and looking forward to nice things your energy will be consumed by fear, anxiety and even worse.

Look for the positive around you.

Enjoy good conversation that’s stimulating and up lifting. Enjoy life and relish in the challenges you are confronted with on a daily basis.


Strive to be happy.

Happiness is just a ‘state of mind’ after all!

If you’re not feeling happy, change your state of mind.

Happiness often comes from the people you interact with. So, stop and think of who makes you feel happy.

Get around them more often.

What makes you happy?

Settling for anything less than contentment is not okay – ever.


Laugh. Find some stand up comedy that makes you laugh.

Tune into a favourite film or series that makes you laugh – a lot.


Avoid the news. The news will make you feel negative and probably put you in a bad mood.

As tempting as it may be to scroll through that twitter feed or open your favourite news feed – pause and think about how it makes you feel.


Identify what causes you stress.

If you’re feeling mentally stressed this will impact your overall wellbeing.

Dealing with stressful situations are a part of life and there are degrees of stress.

If you’re getting too ‘worked up’ and/or anxious – step back.

Is it really that bad?

Relaxation techniques can really help as can stress management programs.

Looking after mental health is as important as looking after physical health.

They compliment each other and when they’re in balance you become indestructible.


train your mind for success

Social wellbeing and spiritual health

What is spiritual health?

Spiritual health is how peaceful you are with your world. It’s the fountain of your inner strength and the powerful will to live. It doesn’t mean religion but if you find religion is good for your spiritual nourishment that’s great. Others may feel the same oneness with being in nature or helping others. 

Likewise your emotional intelligence and upbringing will be pivotal to your social wellbeing. Are you getting enough social contact with family friends and neighbours?


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