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How bad reviews can stop you from taking the action you need to take.

One (old) clickbait strategy which has worked for many years is to negatively write about something. 

This is commonly known as creating ‘bad reviews’. 

“Abc is a scam!”

“How I lost $…. With so and so”

“ Is ABC a scam or legit?”

“ABC, the biggest scam of 2020”

And so on. 

As we are more drawn to negative information we tend to look at these headlines first.


In the meanwhile we forget that these headlines are often just clickbait 

Either to get more traffic to this person’s Youtube account or website, or to promote a competitors course or product.  

And while you read these ‘bad reviews’ you inadvertently end up in a fight or flight scenario. 

“See this is a scam. I’m glad I didn’t pay x amount of money to this business.


I’m glad I checked this out before I committed.”



Can you see what has just happened?

You are likely to say ‘‘you know what, I won’t be investing in this course.” 

And yes while not everything you come across will be for you, without mentorship you will either need to find things out by trial and error, or leave it all together.


What  really happens in the above scenario, is that you have now decided to stay in your comfort zone. 


The nice comfortable comfort zone in which nothing happens.

You don’t take any risks. You also don’t make any money. 

What happens is basically nothing.

Everything will be just like it was. Like yesterday. Like tomorrow. 

And that is fine.


But if that is what you want….

Why are you looking for ways to make money online? Why do you want to set up an online business or start a side hustle? I can tell you now, you are wasting your time.  

I am not saying you should just blindly follow any ‘guru’ out there. But if you have found someone and they have given you a lot of information which has been really helpful, big chance there is more where that came from.

To be successful you need a longing and perseverance. Hard work and education. 

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. The only shortcut to success is by educating yourself. Find a mentor and save yourself years of frustration and stagnation.

The quickest way to success is by having someone showing you the way!


Take action today and learn the ropes from a master!

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