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What happens when Furlough Ends?

The government support scheme called Furlough ends in September 2021.

It has provided a lifeline of support for certain sectors of the economy and enabled employers to stay afloat and retain staff.

But all good things must come to an end.

Now, the unspeakable is behind us, it is time to rebuild into a great nation again.

If businesses are not fit for business they must be put to the death.

Unfortunately, for every business burned to the ground there will be livelihoods and incomes reliant on these businesses.

Once the government stops providing support and pulls away the safety net there will be layoffs and redundancies.

In the video below Alf and Simon discuss Furlough and from Simon’s viewpoint it has just been an excuse to have time off (based on his daughter’s friends experiences) and Alf has benefitted from a number of pub refurbishments. The script is also available at the end of this post. 

Warning: Both the script and video include profanity (swearing). If you are of a sensitive nature or cannot tolerate foul language please do not read or watch. 


Has Furlough created Division?

Many people have worked continuously throughout the unspeakable and have not been able to have time off or take up other ‘cash in hand’ jobs and the like.

Likewise, many businesses have struggled through whilst others have simply ‘milked’ the very generous support provided by the UK government.

As such, yes, division between groups of workers has been created. Fortunately, this division can now be closed.


What options are available after Furlough ends?

If an employer can no longer pay an employee they will have to lay them off. If you’re an employee on furlough it’s a serious and concerning time. Immediate action must be taken in the form of evaluating your financial situation inclusive of levels of debt.

Assistance can then be sought via Universal Credit.

Is the Pandemic Over?

This is a difficult question. The government are urging workers to return to offices and their workplaces. The government is reducing the temporary increase to Universal Credit. The government is also closing the Furlough support scheme.

All evidence supports a return to pre pandemic times with the only unknown being if more lockdowns are necessary.

It’s impossible to speculate about the various viruses that may impact people so it appears the government is adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach.

Get working again, get consuming. Drive profits up and prosper is the motto.

Is the Economy about to Disintegrate?

Consumption has been restrained due to a number of reasons. This means people buy less and what they buy is costing a lot more. Inflation is getting out of control. Huge asset bubbles (property and equities) have been created (due to ongoing quantitative easing and rock bottom interest rates) and whilst the government ‘wish’ for a return the truth is there will be no return to pre pandemic consumption led times.

As a result of this various industries and especially those related to consumption will disintegrate. As inflation levels climb and new unprecedented tax rises (national insurance tax) bite there will be less and less money to go around.

Food banks are currently helping millions of people in the United Kingdom and are expecting exponential growth.

The housing market will collapse in tandem with many investment portfolios.

This is why the government opted to increase tax (national insurance) as they anticipate significant falls in what many consider to be investments.

Is there anything I can do to avoid being impacted by the economic disintegration?

If you have a yacht you can head out to distant lands. If you are in an industry that benefits from disintegration (arms and industrials) then count your money. There are also various meditation apps to help with breathing and anxiety. Care is necessary if consulting medical professionals as the common approach is to prescribe antidepressants or opioids if you live in the US.

Playing scrabble and taking up fishing can prove therapeutic for some.