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Have you ever wondered what stops you from being successful?

Are you still waiting for your train to come in but somehow it seems to come in for others and you’re still waiting for it

What do successful people have in common and what can you change to get onto that ‘successfulness’ ladder?

There are several techniques that successful people do which you could use to change aspects of your life too.

While the definition of success is different for everyone and not everyone is necessarily looking for success in the same areas of their lives, the fact is that most people feel that they are not as successful as they would like to be.

So what can you do to change this?

dictionary definition of success

Train your mind for success:

Step 1

Don’t blame others

You are responsible for your own life. Even though it’s easy to blame the rest of the world for your problems, chances are you’re stopping yourself.

By inaction, doubt, jealousy etc.

While external factors can give you additional hurdles, it’s up to you to overcome these regardless of your disadvantages.

You are who you decide to be.

Are you trustworthy?

Do you always keep your word?

Do you have the best in mind for others and yourself?

Do you make time to enrich yourself? Study to help others, to train yourself to become successful, to restrain yourself from spending your money, etc. 

Or do you succumb to instant gratification whenever you feel like it and spend your money while you could be saving it?

Put your own actions under a microscope and be brutally honest.

How much of your lack of success in whichever part of your life you want to have is down to your lack of action and your own self doubt and sabotage?

To train your mind for success can be hard but you can’t rely on others, it starts with you. 

take responsibility to create success

Step 2

Take responsibility

The next logical step in order to train your mind, is to take responsibility for your life and your actions.

One way to go about it is to take some paper and to write down what you want to change in your life.

In what area do you want to become more successful?

Do you want wealth in a financial sense?

Do you want better relationships in your life?

Do you want better health?

Whatever it is – and maybe it’s all of them- take stock of where you are right now and where you want to go.

Then write down what action you are taking right now and what action you should be taking to get to where you want to go.

I.E. to be successful in that area of your life.

Now what is important is to find out why you are not there already.

Do you blame others? (See point above).

Do you self sabotage?

Do you believe that you’re undeserving of success?

Do you doubt your belief that you can achieve this?

Do you take the easy way and put entertainment above your plans?

What does your mind say?

What do people around you say about you?

Take stock and take responsibility for where you are right now. 

Don’t feel bad or blame. 

Just use it as a starting point and start taking the first steps to where you want to go. 

without hurdles theres no success

Step 3

Find out what your inner voice is saying. Is it serving you?

The inner voice – your mind- can be very helpful indeed.

It stops you from simple things like burning yourself or crossing the road without looking. 

We have to remember what that part of your brain is for. Its original function. That is to look after you. To keep you alive basically.

This is obviously super important but it also stops us from success.

This voice is busy looking for problems to overcome even when there aren’t any.

It is often the precise voice which puts in doubt, suspicion, etc.

ON top of trying to protect us from everything which is often simply changed, your mind is also made up of the opinion, advice, fears, experiences of other people.

Think of your mind as a filing system. Everything you know is filed up there.

Some files however are more important than others in the sense that they are the files of how we perceive things. 

For example, you might see a course which can really move you forwards to where you want to get. 

One person sees it and that’s it.

A more awake person might write down the phone number to call them later.

Yet another stops what he/she is doing and picks up the phone and takes action straight away knowing this will make a huge difference in getting on the success ladder in that area of their lives. 

TAME your mind so you can TRAIN your mind for success!

train your mind for success and listen to your inner voice selectively

Step 4

Be selective in listening to your inner voice

Decide whether ‘whatever’ your mind is telling you is ‘serving’ you.

Is this idea or thought helping me or hindering me in becoming successful?

Remember your mind is just trying to keep you out of harm’s way. But think whether it is stopping you while doing so. 

If that thought is negative 

Then it’s unlikely to serve you well. Especially if it is not really based on anything. Past failures don’t represent future failures.

Other people’s fear doesn’t mean you should fear.

What other people might think, the fear of failure, putting your head above the parapet. All these things are thoughts you need to overcome. 

The only way to do this is to be selective. Selective in what you agree with in your thoughts.

If it doesn’t serve you, say thanks for the input and move on. You are in control, not that little voice in your mind.

Once you train your mind to be positive and supportive of what you want to achieve you’ll find you can trust this little voice much more as you will have retrained it to help you achieve your goals, rather than to break you down before you have even started.

without action there's no success. Train your mind for success!

Step 5

Take action

The last step in this process is to take action rather than let fear spread.

Even when this inner voice tells you all kinds of ‘don’t do’ variations, take action.

Pick up the phone and call that client.

Create that email list and start writing the first email.

Order that course and book that conference room. 

Take action which will start the ball rolling. When fear sticks up its head, take more action.

Direct action that is.

We are well past the looking busy stage. Real action which will change your life for the better. 

What to do now?

This is just a rough overview of the steps to take to train your mind to become more successful in whichever area of your life.

There is a lot more to these 5 steps, but just recognising that these steps are needed and by analysing your life to see how much of these steps you are implementing, you can make a big change straight away.

You can Download our Workbook to help you make the transition. Soon you will see the results you are looking for!

Remember every step, every action will bring you closer to your goal!

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