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We all have them. Some of us have many more than others, some of us have very few! 

If you fall into the category of people that have many, this post is for you, and if you think you don’t have many, don’t worry, there’s something in this post for you too. 

This isn’t financial advice, go get that if you need it. It’s more of a general introduction to wealth ideas related to monetary wealth. 

Likewise, if you’re from the aristocracy, or just from a very wealthy family and able to live off the proceeds of a trust/s this post isn’t for you.  

For everybody else?

Read on and make sure you watch the video and like.  

Your life will be spent accumulating wealth.  

Be that property, investments, savings, etc. That’s the plan for most of us, anyway.  

If it’s spent firefighting exorbitant debt levels, and that is a reality for many, then please make sure you read my post on debt demons and how to kill them.

In terms of wealth accumulation?

On a personal level you will make decisions based on ideas you have, or decisions based on other people’s ideas (often known asWealth Advice).

Let’s be honest, we all do it. We take on good ideas, and bad ones.

We listen to crap from some people and find golden nuggets from others.

On personal level it’s this wealth of ideas that determine whether (or not) you accumulate wealth, build wealth or even squander it. 


In general terms (as any decent financial planning goes) life stages are divided into 3 and to simplify further I’ve divided into 3 different age brackets: 

Early – age 18 to 30 

Middle – 30 to 50 

End – 50 to 100 

In each age bracket there are unique needs, aims and strategies that can be used to increase monetary wealth.  

And to use a cliché, these aren’t ‘set in stone.’ 

There’s always some crossover.  

Some of us settle later.

Some of us seek retirement freedom much earlier. 

Some of us have children and some of us don’t

Some of us don’t go anywhere, others go everywhere 

And unfortunately, some of us die much earlier than we expect. 

Crucially – Its the ideas you have or act on that matter at every stage of life. 


If you’re in the first group (the 18 to 30s)– you will be focused on obtaining the education and/or training so that you can earn an income. 

Explore the Wealth of Education here. 

Your main focus will be on relationships, and hopefully finding a suitable mate to have a family with. 

During this early stage you’ll hopefully secure income (be that from working, starting a business or being in a trade) that will enable you to buy a property.

This is a significant step to monetary wealth accumulation. Keep in mind, that due to poorly thought out successive government policies it’s harder than ever to achieve this without help from family.

These are important years where you develop good spending and saving habits 

These are particularly important. 

In terms of ideas – you may be influenced by your parents or extended family. You may also be fortunate enough to have access to decent financial planning.  

If you don’t have access to this, you may be left to any ideas that are pushed your way (usually from the internet).  

If this sounds like you then keep this one idea in mind – free advice is usually the most expensive advice! 

Because nothing is ever free! Heed this advice!


As you enter the middle stage of life (age 30-50) your focus will shift to having/supporting a family, increasing savings, starting a business (if you haven’t already done so) or progressing within your chosen career. 

Protection needs becomes increasingly important as loss of income, life or illness can seriously jeopardize monetary wealth accumulation if misfortune arises, and it does. 

It’s also during this middle stage that effort is made for later life provision, in terms of retirement. 

Unfortunately, the days of secure pensions are gone for most people (excluding those that work for the government in some shape or form).  

So meticulous planning for retirement is necessary. 

In terms of ideas – you will probably have a maturer outlook and the experiences of the impacts of debt, investing and taking on risk.

The realities of illness and even death may impinge on your life.

Moreover, any ideas around longer-term aims and needs must be thoroughly considered and actionable plans created. 


At the younger ages in the end stage (age 50-60) you will be planning an an exit to hopefully enjoy the fruits of all your arduous work during your retirement golden years 

The pressures and expenses of raising a family will hopefully be subsiding and earlier investments may even be maturing, which in turn provide additional income streams. 

If you’re considering early retirement, then careful planning around income requirements is pivotal to ensuring your money doesn’t run out before you do! 

On the other hand, if the wealth you’ve accumulated is destined to be passed on to your children you will want to make sure sufficient estate planning is in place. 

In terms of ideas – In this stage of life you may be like a ‘battle hardened’ tank (from life experiences) and closed off to fresh ideas.

You may also have a good command of your own thoughts and clear ideas of what will be best for you.

Or you may use a variety of advisors and professional wealth management services and rely on the ideas they provide to you to ensure you continue to grow your wealth and importantly, maintain what you have. 


Keeping it brief for the later stages of life.

In the golden years as the sun sets you want peace and tranquilty.

Yes, it may seem that you’ve seen and heard everything. But a sprightly mind can become clouded.

Ensuring adequate provision for long term care and social needs are high on the agenda and once in place a satisfying peace of mind is yours.

Monetary Wealth Ideas Summary

We’re all different.  

It may seem inflexible to so rigidly define us into 3 distinct age groups and of course this is true. However, some basis of division is necessary as without this the wrong ideas can be taken on that lead to poorer outcomes, or even worse misery. 

Regardless of what stage of life you’re currently in – You don’t want to be miserable do you? 

Any ideas you take on at each stage will not necessarily expand your monetary wealth.  

But taking on the right ideas may well do so.